Foonza Media Pvt Ltd is based out of Bangalore, India. We will explore, identify, create new business models and offerings across new age and conventional media space. Our capabilities in the digital and conventional media space makes us well positioned to conceive and realize the immense potential offered by this evolving landscape.

Foonza Media was founded with an aspiration to merge media and technology to create services and products that enable, empower and entertain users. In a world where companies are founded with a goal to seek investments,instant fame, and jump ship with an exit-plan laid out in advance, we wanted to lay the foundation for an enduring organisation. An organization that connects and engages with its customers in the most amicable manner, which will result in creating service and products that remain closest to their hearts. Customer Service is the religion we believe in, creativity brings us closer to nirvana, and the hunger to learn keep us grounded. We are thrilled and privileged to be in a kingdom ruled by two sovereigns- Content and Customers.

Vision – Happiness

It might leave you bewildered to see a corporate vision,condensed and expressed in a single emotion.For all you know,this might even be the shortest corporate vision statement any company has ever set. After learning, unlearning and relearning so many vision statements during our professional careers, we still kept going back to the real purpose and meaning of corporate vision statements. After all, why are we doing what we are doing, if its not to feel happy? The angelic smile that lights up 4-year old little Johnny’s face, who lives down the road from our office as he recites ‘Happiness!’ like a litany is the greatest vindication, of our belief in our vision. Happiness is contagious. Probably you too have a smile on your face, by now. Thank you, for joining us on this journey together,towards happiness.

Mission – Be a Beacon and Set Standards That Inspire

Read it one more time, and rest assured that this will be one mission statement you will never forget. Please feel free to blame us if our mission statement makes complete sense,easy to believe in, worth living for and fun to spread around than those dry,clinical and dead expressions the organization that you work for,flaunt on its walls.

Value – Trust

We are driven by Trust.We do not have tent cards on our work stations with a long list of core values we need to live by.No, it was not an attempt to cut costs. We just didn’t find the need to have them. It is easy to base your life and work on simple beliefs, and live by it, day in and day out.Strong bottom lines and un-paralleled growth are all irrelevant if we lack trust between our team members and with our clients. It is also meaningless. Trust drives us to do only those actions that are good for the business, our stake holders and our clients.